Optiway (Asia) Co., Ltd has been established in Hong Kong since 2002. During the past years, we are mainly concentrated on exporting metal parts and environmental products (evaporative air coolers)…………etc.

We found that there are many evaporative air coolers in catering industry nowadays. In fact, such air coolers have been sold to South East Asia, Middle East, and Hong Kong eight years ago. However, the environmental concept was not made known to the public at that time.

In order to meet the Hong Kong government’s environmental policy, our company has established “OEM” environmental evaporative air coolers years ago. We highly recommend these products to different enterprises and industries to solve the problem of temperature reducing and energy saving. Our air coolers are not only light in weight and portable but also energy saving. They are exceptionally gifted.

Our products are made in China and supervised by the professional engineers who are employed from Hong Kong. We have already received relevant certificates of the related safety standard for the products. They have met the safety requirements issued by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. (Supplier No. : S0504)

Once you become our honorable client, our professional engineers are always standby to help you to solve the problem of reducing temperature principle and a relevant training course is provided free of charge as well as installation of the machine. Our company is not just continually improving the functions and durable of our air coolers but also pay special attention to our after sale services. So we have a very well established Maintenance Department to support the need and to solve the problem in using our product for our clients.

The followings are some of the industries who take an early lead and widely used our air coolers:

Catering, Car park, Function company, Theme Park, Property management company, Education, Public affairs……..etc.

Good quality, loyal service, professional advice……

After sale service promise

Apart from providing maintenance service by our maintenance department, we also provide collecting and cleaning service. Such services must satisfy the needs of our users and ensure the air coolers are highly effectiveness in use.



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