How many units of air coolers needed to cover the area?

Different models have its individual capacity.

For a more accurate calculation, you can provide the floor plans for our professions through email or fax. We are glad to give you the best advice.


Is there the direct link between temperature drop and electricity consumption?

No. There is no direct link between them. The concept and application of evaporative air cooler is totally different from traditional air conditioners. Although you can control the temperature drop during the operation of air conditioners, you cannot do the ventilation as well as evaporative air coolers.


Are there some places which are not suitable to use?

Humidity and temperature control, noise, size and humidity may be the problems in some cases.

a) We cannot control the humidity and temperature of the machine in an accurate range manually. 

b) Noise will be the problem in those silence-oriented places.

c) Most of our machines are not small in size.

d) Humidity will keep increasing when the ventilation of the site is not good enough.

How to do the installation?
We have example of installation in picture, pdf or autocad to show you some example. Those are just standard. Most of the time need to design for customer’s need. However, any engineer with experience for central air conditioner system and galvanized iron ducting can make it.

What kind of places are the air coolers good for?

a) Places where do not consider the humidity and desire cool and ventilated air. For example, plant stores, toilets, commercial kitchens, commercial laundry rooms, etc.

b) Places crowded with a lot of people. For example, garment factories, bus stations, catering areas, etc.

c) Companies which want to save the huge operating costs spent on traditional air conditioners.

d) Places which are always suffering from dry and hot environment.


What is the difference when comparing with air conditioner?

During the operation of our machines, you can keep the doors and windows opened. Therefore, places which will emit bad smell, pollution, heat and dust will find our machines useful. For example, some painting or plastic factories emit a lot of bad smell, and toxic air, they cannot close the doors and windows to use traditional air conditioners.


What is the Technology?

The technology of this machine is very simple. Cooling by evaporation alone. The magic is on the cooling pad material and structure. The evaporation is extremely high so air will become cool. Then, we have a water pump inside keep water circulate and keep cooling pad wet. Other parts is only some simple electronic for fine control. Other main parts is the big fan that keep air circulate in the factory.


What is included in the warranty?

For all purchased units, we will provide a 1-year limited parts warranty for our customers.


Will I get condensation in my building ?

No, provided the design is based on a balanced ventilation scheme.


Do the cooling pads clean the air ?

Yes, the pad will filter out larger particles such as dust or pollen. But not enough to achiever “dustless” requirement in some industrial standard.


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