The principle of evaporative cooling is commonly seen in our daily life: standing beside the water fall or wind blowing over our wetted skin makes us feel cool. Air moving past water will cause the water to evaporate. The heat necessary to cause evaporation is drawn out of the passing air stream and hence the air is cooled.

Our Engineer is using this nature’s own cooling process and combining modern technology to develop Evaporative Air Cooler. In an Evaporative air cooler a circulation pump keeps the cellulose filter pads fully soaked. As warm air passes over wet filter pads water naturally evaporates into the air. The air is cooled as it gives up the heat required to evaporate the water. This can achieve a lot of cooling on a hot dry day.

Evaporative Air Cooler can be used in both open-ended and semi-open buildings. It continuously drawing outside air and filters the air of impurity and lowers the air temperature through wetted cooling pad. Then, deliver only the fresh, clean and cooled air into building. At the same time, the indoor smelly, dusty and hot air is forced out through any opening. Therefore, Ventilating, cooling and air freshening at the same time, Evaporative Air Cooler provides you with economical solutions for hot, odorous, polluted and over-crowded locations.