We are Hong Kong based Manufacturing company. We are in business of Industrial use product, metal hardware production. Factory located in Southern China, Guangdong Province. We have over 10 year experience in manufacturing evaporative air coolers.

         Evaporative air cooler can provide fresh, cool and comfortable environment.

        Evaporative air cooler is a high-tech product designed by scientists from Australia, Sweden, China, and Hong Kong through years of dedicated research and tests. It employes"Direct Evaporating “cooling technology instead of CFC which damage our environment as worldwide research supported thus OEM evaporative air cooler is highly environmental friendly, After filtering and cooling OEM evaporative air cooler deliver a large amount of fresh and cool air continuously while drive out odorous,dusty,muddy and stuffy air. OEM evaporative air cooler provides ventilating and cooling at the same time; it will let you regain a sense of freshness and coolness, just like besides a water-fall, even in hot and humidity condition.